Nomadesk Launches True Sharing and Collaboration iPhone App

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Instant Collaboration, Upload Pictures, Share Files and Folders and Invite Team Members

Today we announce Apple’s approval our iPhone App, which allows individuals and teams to browse through their entire document library on a Nomadesk Fileserver; secure, synchronize and share files and folders with ease; upload photos; and view supported Microsoft® Office® documents. The new Nomadesk app provides immediate and intuitive access to files independent from any geographic location and includes Nomadesk Theftguard to track your computer and remove your Nomadesk data remotely.

Nomadesk for iPhone, iPod touch allows you to:Nomadesk for iPhone

  • Access all your documents, pictures, music, etc.
  • Share Files and Folders with a download link
  • Upload pictures (existing ones or direct from your iPhone camera) to share and sync
  • View documents, pictures, slideshows
  • Share your Nomadesk Fileserver and manage guest permissions
  • Sign up to Nomadesk and create Fileservers
  • Track your computer on Google Maps and remotely shred your Nomadesk files with Nomadesk Theftguard

Nomadesk in general offers:

  • Windows® Explorer and Mac Finder integration, which allows you to simply view your Nomadesk Fileservers as an added drive on your computer.
  • Local 256-bit encryption system
  • FileLink and FolderLink, which allow users to send a public download link to a file or folder respectively through e-mail.
  • Automatic daily revisions lets users restore files up to seven days back (on Fileservers will immediately detect and synchronize changed files.
  • Offline access to files when no internet connection is available.
  • Publishing of files and folders to any web page with the Nomadesk Widget.
  • FileLink™ for Microsoft® Outlook® which automatically converts (large) email attachments to Nomadesk FileLinks
  • Ability to edit or view documents with Zoho for Microsoft Office.

The Nomadesk iPhone app is free and can be downloaded from the iTunes Store. Those Nomadesk users without an iPhone, we recommend using (from the Smartphone) – We cater for everyone!


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