(May 2014) Summer is coming … here is Nomadesk 5.6.4.

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This release is essentially a maintenance release resulting in further stability and performance improvements !

(Jan 2014) Happy New Year, here is Nomadesk 5.6.2

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We have again continued to further polish our service and released the following new features:

  • New encryption driver for Mac, which solves the iWorks issue
  • Multi select support for bulk operations in the web interface
  • Client disk threshold settings, to prevent your local disk from running out of capacity
  • Theftguard 2 for iOS & Android, with improved location accuracy (via GPS) and remote cache wiping
  • Android 4.4. (KitKat) support 
  • WebDAV support in the client dashboard for Terminal Server

Our Partner Portal has now a Parallels APS package with Gold Certification !

For OEM Private Cloud Partners, the following new features were added:

  • WebDAV implementation for Active Directory (Kerberos)
  • Vault Quota + Limit # of Vaults
  • Ability to manage Windows/Mac clients using Registry Settings (Active Directory Policies)
  • Drive Mappings through the registry (AD group policies)
  • Mobile Device Control (ability to set: idle timeouts, disable open with, disable local cache, disable vault removal, disable remember-me)
  • Full Active Directory Support for private clouds (System-Wide)
  • OS X STunnel <beta> (no more SSH communication)
  • Windows client now supports roaming profiles.
  • Background tasks (Automated server cleanup for easier management)
  • Nomadesk Admin UI. (AMS_Management + Log viewer)
  • Client to Server communication cleanup (Pipe communication has been migrated to API calls)
  • MSSQL Support for the Ctrller database
  • Automated license reports
  • Support for SMTP Authentication


The Nomadesk Team wishes you a great start in 2014 and a year full of sharing !

(Oct 2013) What’s new in Nomadesk 5.6.0

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Apart from the usual housekeeping leading to further software stability this release :

  • Supports OS X Mavericks
  • Has WebDAV connection options (e.g. any mobile app that supports WebDAV can now “talk Nomadesk”.  Also, you can connect via Mac Finder or Windows Explorer to any vault without having to install the client software.  Instructions on how to connect to Nomadesk Vaults via WebDAV can be found in our knowledgebase or in this document


Safe Sharing !

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